Welcome to Casa da Matanza, the last home where Rosalia de Castro lived, the most universal Galician writer and leading figure of the Galician Renaissance. Rosalía lived here with her family during the last years of her life, between 1882 and 1885. Here she saw her last book published, En las orillas del Sar, and here she died on July 15 when she was 48 years old. Since then, this place has become a symbol for all of Galicia.


Room 1: A house for Her

She never had her own house

Whoever owns a house is set for life!


Room 2: Who was Rosalía

Who was Rosalía

A female Galician intellectual


Room 3: The one hundred leaves rose: her writing

Cantares gallegos (Galician songs)


Alborada (dawn chorus)



Follas Novas (New leaves)



Negra sombra (Black shadow)



Rosalía’s prose



Un unceasing writing


Room 4: A cultural factory

A cultural factory


Murguía, intellectual leader of his generation



Without literature there is no culture



“A different language reveals a different nationality”



The five children of Manuel and Rosalía



Ovidio Murguía and the Galician landscape

Room 5: A legendary woman: the room of her passing

Alegory of Galicia. Woman, legend, symbol

Open that window, I want to see the sea

Room 6: “At my living room”. The female condition

The living room furniture

The painting ‘Tree of the Mountain’


Room 7: Parents of the country: politics and culture

The country we are

The discourse of Galician identity

Flag woman

The Baltar family and Galician culture